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Shenfield High School

A map showing cycle and walking routes to and from Shenfield High School

Getting to and from Shenfield High School

These routes and maps are suggestions of how you could stop taking the car and swap to cycling, walking, or scooting to school. They don’t show every possible route and you could have fun finding a way that works for you. If you know a safe way that gets you there even quicker, that’s great! Take that route instead.


Shenfield High School

Alexander Lane



CM15 8RY

Heavy traffic zone

Heavy traffic at drop off and pick up times is usual. We recommend avoiding roads within roughly 1000 metres of Shenfield High School. This includes parts of Chelmsford Road and the smaller roads attached to them.

Cycling and walking routes

From the East – cycling or walking

Woodland Avenue via Alexander Lane (800m approx.)

Drop off where Woodland Avenue meets Woodland Close. Turn right onto Woodland Avenue, continue straight and turn left onto Long Ridings Avenue. Turn right onto Alexander Lane. Follow to the end of the road and turn left onto Chelmsford Road to reach Shenfield High School.

From the South – cycling or walking

Hall Lane via Shenfield Park (1.4km approx.)

Drop off on Hall Lane adjacent to Public Path 25. Continue straight on Hall Lane towards the church. Turn right onto the public footpath and follow to the end of the footpath and turn left onto Chelmsford Road. Cross Chelmsford Road using the pedestrian crossing. Continue along Chelmsford Road to reach Shenfield High School.

From the North – cycling only

Chelmsford Road (900m approx.)

From the A12 interchange, continue straight along Chelmsford Road towards Shenfield town centre to reach Shenfield High School on your left.

Bus routes

The school is perfectly placed for students travelling by bus as it is on the main route into Shenfield and Brentwood and links up with Ingatestone and Chelmsford. There are waiting shelters on both sides.

Train routes

Shenfield High is approximately 900 metres from Shenfield station, which is a major hub for trains. It has quick, direct lines to Brentwood, Chelmsford, Billericay and parts of north-east London. There are footpaths and pavements nearly all the way and they are on residential roads. Greater Anglia offer discounts on train travel for students at some schools.