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Sweyne Park School, The

A map showing cycle and walking routes to and from The Sweyne Park School

Getting to and from The Sweyne Park School

These routes and maps are suggestions of how you could stop taking the car and swap to cycling, walking, or scooting to school. They don’t show every possible route and you could have fun finding a way that works for you. If you know a safe way that gets you there even quicker, that’s great! Take that route instead.


The Sweyne Park School

Sir Walter Raleigh Drive




Heavy traffic zone

The highlighted heavy traffic zone on the map shows the area that will have the heaviest traffic at school time. By using alternate routes and a mix of walking and cycling, you can avoid sitting in traffic and being late for school.

Walking routes

Sweyne Park School is close to the centre of Rayleigh. The school is alongside the main road into town but the pedestrian entrances are in much quieter and safer cul-de-sacs. There’s a pelican crossing on the busy London Road very close to the point where students approach the school on foot. There are more pelican and zebra crossings coming from town and the station.

Cycling routes

Sweyne Park School is lucky to have Sweyne Park r next to it , enabling safe, off-road cycling access from that part of Rayleigh. There’s also a small stretch of an on-road bike lane just up the road, approaching Rayleigh station. The roads approaching the school entrances are quiet, residential and very straight. This means the sight-lines are good for cyclists and drivers alike.

Bus routes

Sweyne Park School has its own bus stop for school services. The turning circle is well separated from the road and pavement. Only about 100 metres from the school on London Road are public bus stops, with seating and shelter. The services at these stops go into Rayleigh, past the station, and onto Eastwood and Southend, and Chelmsford in the other direction. The pelican crossing very close to the stops help with crossing safely.

Train routes

Rayleigh Station is less than half a mile away from the school. The nearest stations on the line are Wickford in one direction, and Hockley and Rochford in the other. Greater Anglia offer discounts on train travel for students at some schools.

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