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Epping St. John’s School

A map showing cycle and walking routes to and from Epping St. John’s School

Getting to and from Epping St. John’s School

These routes and maps are suggestions of how you could stop taking the car and swap to cycling, walking, or scooting to school. They don’t show every possible route and you could have fun finding a way that works for you. If you know a safe way that gets you there even quicker, that’s great! Take that route instead.


Epping St. John’s School

Bury Lane



CM16 5JB

Heavy traffic zone

The highlighted heavy traffic zone on the map shows the area that will have the heaviest traffic at school time. By using alternate routes and a mix of walking and cycling, you can avoid sitting in traffic and being late for school. 

Walking routes

Epping St. John’s is found right on the edge of Epping and is well served with footpaths to the residential areas of the town. There’s an off-road footpath coming over the parkland from the east, and a large network of footpaths across Bell Common to the south. There’s a back entrance to the school from Lower Bury Lane, meaning walkers don’t have to arrive through the busier road entrance.

Cycling routes

Epping Forest itself has a huge network of cycle paths just  a few hundred metres from the school. The back entrance to the school is also suitable for cyclists. The paths across the parks and commons  provide plenty of opportunity for students to cycle in to the school away from the busier roads.

Bus routes

There are plenty of buses going in both directions on Epping High Road. These are located about 300 metres from the school entrance and accessed along the quiet Lower Bury Lane where the pedestrian entrance is. The buses go through central Epping, in one direction to Harlow and in the other to Loughton.

Train routes

Well under from a mile from the school is Epping Underground station, the final stop on the Central Line from Stratford. The services are very frequent and, as it’s the start point into central London, you’re very likely to get a seat on the way home. Even though Epping is outside London, you can buy the 11-15 Zip Oyster photocard, which allows child rate pay as you go fares on the Tube, or the 16+ Zip Oyster photocard, which permits you 50% off the adult fare, whether you live inside or outside London. A small admin fee is all that’s required when applying.

Get rewarded for getting to school or college more sustainably

Join our 60 Day Challenge to swap the car for walking or cycling to school or college. You and your child (aged 13 and over) could win prizes including £50.00 Amazon and Love2Shop e-vouchers in our weekly prize draws just for doing the school or college run.