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Gilberd School, The

A map showing cycle and walking routes to and from The Gilberd School

Getting to and from The Gilberd School

These routes and maps are suggestions of how you could stop taking the car and swap to cycling, walking, or scooting to school. They don’t show every possible route and you could have fun finding a way that works for you. If you know a safe way that gets you there even quicker, that’s great! Take that route instead.


The Gilberd School

Brinkley Lane




Heavy traffic zone

Heavy traffic at drop off and pick up times is usual. We recommend avoiding roads within roughly 1000 metres of The Gilberd School. This includes, Brinkley Grove Road, Brinkley Lane, Chinook, Derwent Road, Eastwood Drive, Gavin Way, Highwoods Square, Langdale Drive, Northfield Gons, Pampas Close, Sea King Crescent, Severalls Lane, Spindlewood, Tally Ho and the smaller roads attached to them.

From the North East - cycling or walking

Mill Road (1.2km approx.)

Drop off where Brixley Grove Road meets Mill Road. Follow Mill Road onto Brinkley Grove, at the roundabout take the second exit to reach the Gilbert School.

From the South East - walking only

St Johns Road (0.8km approx.)

Drop off where St Johns Road meets Highwood Approach. Turn left onto Highclere Road to reach the Gilbert School. 

From the South - cycling or walking

Highwoods Square (0.8km approx.)

Drop off at Highwoods Square. Turn left onto Highwoods Approach. Use the public footpath and follow onto Sea King Crescent and then turn left onto Chinock. At the end of the road turn left onto Brinkley Lane and use the public footpath to reach the Gilbert School.  

Bus routes

The number 11 service comes right past the Gilberd School, along Brinkley Lane, and has stops in both directions right on the school’s doorstep. This takes in the main Colchester train station and Colchester Park and Ride. Less than 500 metres away from the school  is Highwood Square, where plenty of other services run which serve the town centre and the rest of the north of Colchester.