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Colchester Academy

A map showing cycle and walking routes to and from Colchester Academy

Getting to and from Colchester Academy

These routes and maps are suggestions of how you could stop taking the car and swap to cycling, walking, or scooting to school. They don’t show every possible route and you could have fun finding a way that works for you. If you know a safe way that gets you there even quicker, that’s great! Take that route instead.


Colchester Academy

Hawthorn Avenue




Heavy traffic zone

The highlighted heavy traffic zone on the map shows the area that will have the heaviest traffic at school time. By using alternate routes and a mix of walking and cycling, you can avoid sitting in traffic and being late for school. 

Walking routes

Colchester Academy is on a large estate near the edge of town. The residential areas around it have good pavements on both sides of the road. There’s a side entrance for walkers on the quieter Acacia Avenue and a zebra crossing right outside the front of the school on Hawthorn Avenue. There’s a further zebra on the busier Bromley Road a hundred metres or so away and an off-road footpath providing a short cut to Parsons Heath Road. Throughout the Greenstead estate there’s a wide network of footpaths.

Cycling routes

The academy is lucky that both Bromley Road and Hawthorn Avenue, which flank the academy are part of the on-road cycle network in Colchester. There are also a number of off-road routes nearby, linking the school to the nearby suburbs. About a mile away is the off-road cycle path along the river, providing safe access to the town centre and the main Colchester station. All these routes and others are shown on the Colchester cycle map.

Bus routes

Plenty of bus services head right past the school, with stops immediately outside, and connect up to the rest of the Greenstead estate. Even more services, heading into Colchester town centre or the villages to the east, are found on Bromley Road, about 500 metres from the school entrance.

Get rewarded for getting to school or college more sustainably

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