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Here you’ll find our latest walking and cycling maps for the areas around your school or college. Just click the town and then your school or college name to find your map and work out the best route from your house, using the information and links provided.

Our maps offer:

  • walking, cycling and scooting routes

  • drop-off and pick-up zone ideas

  • areas that are usually a traffic nightmare

  • Park and Ride stops (where available)

We’ve tried and tested these routes but they’re just a starting point. You might know a better route so use our maps as a guide. Better yet if you know a secret route that we haven’t included, share it with our community on social media #StopSwapGO

Below each map is a short description of the routes suggested if you’re coming in from different areas.

Rethink your school or college run and get rewarded with the 60 Day Challenge

Our 60 Day Challenge is now open to all Essex residents aged 13 and over. This means that young people can now join in the fun and win prizes for walking, cycling or scooting to school or college. Visit our 60 Day Challenge to find out more and sign up to take part.

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Choose your town or city

Select the area your school or college is in from the list to see available map options: