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Stop.Swap.GO! The easier and more rewarding way to get to school or college

Loads of people have swapped to cycling and walking around Essex to stay active and get to where they need to be. We think that the school or college run doesn’t have to be any different. We’re here to help you avoid traffic or long waits for buses with less seats and get to school or college safely.

We’ve put together plenty of advice to help you make the swap. As well as walking and cycling maps to your school or college we’ve include suggested drop off and pick-up points that aren’t going to drag you through the busy town or to the school or college gates. They’ll help you avoid the traffic, stay healthy and help the environment. We’ve also put together guidance and advice on the latest updates to statutory transport for our region.

What’s more, our 60 Day Challenge is open to young people aged 13 and over, so you and your family could win prizes including £50.00 Amazon or Love2Shop e-vouchers each week, just for walking, cycling – or even scooting – to school or college. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!


Check out our maps for travelling to schools and colleges. Find suggested drop off places to miss the heaviest traffic. Better yet, if you live within a 30 minute walk, why not walk, cycle, or scoot to school or college instead, and take advantage of our 60 Day Challenge to win prizes?


Tips and ideas to help families swap from driving the car for walking, cycling or scooting to school or college.


Staying safe when walking and cycling to school or college is important. We’ve partnered up with the Safer Essex Roads Partnership to put together accessible and affordable training courses to help build confidence and keep children safe.


We'd love to see all children move to walking and cycling to school and we're here to help. Essex County Council provides statutory transport to some children and there are important Covid-related changes to be aware of.