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Stop.Swap.GO! to school or college in September

Rethink how your child goes back to school or college

Loads of people have swapped to cycling and walking around Essex to stay active during lockdown. We’re here to help you avoid traffic or long waits for the socially distanced bus when schools and colleges return. We’ll also help you get those steps in as well.

So we’ve put together plenty of advice to help you make the swap, as well as walking and cycling maps to your school including suggested drop off and pick-up points that aren’t going to drag you through the busy town or to the school gates. They’ll help you avoid the traffic, stay healthy and help the environment.

We have a ‘how to’ guide on swapping and we’ll be adding plenty more maps and information over time, so stay tuned. GO! sign up to our newsletter so you’re always up to date.

We want to get everyone in schools and colleges to have a go at walking, cycling, or scooting, so the information here is for everyone. But we'll cover off some specifics if you receive transport from Essex County Council too.


A map of the walking and cycling routes around King Edward VI Grammar School

Check out our maps for travel to schools and colleges. Find suggested drop off places to miss the heaviest traffic! Better yet, if you live within a 30 minute walk, why not walk, cycle, or scoot to school?


A father and daughter wearing face masks as they walk through a town together

Tips and ideas to help families swap from driving the car for walking, cycling or scooting to school or college.


Two young boys and their father cycling on a busy road in helmets and safety vests

Children walking, scooting or cycling to school needs to be done safely. We’ve partnered up with the Safer Essex Roads Partnership to put together training throughout the summer holidays to get them ready to swap.


Two teenagers in school uniform walking through church grounds

We'd love to see all children move to walking and cycling to school and we're here to help. Essex County Council provides statutory transport to some children and there are important Covid-related changes to be aware of.